How to choose furniture for the dining room

The dining room is a place in the house specially designated for meals. Previously, in rich houses, the dining room was separated from the kitchen by a large space, which was due to the presence of servants. Today, this arrangement of the dining room does not make sense, because in most families the housewives themselves prepare dinners and set the table.

Today, the dining room, which most often is just a dining area (dining table and chairs), which is located in the kitchen. Therefore, for the hostess it is not difficult to set the table and serve dishes. If you are a happy owner of your own spacious house or apartment, then a separate room can be allocated for the dining room. If so, then to create the interior of the dining room, you will need appropriate furniture.

The most important details in the dining rooms

The main furniture used in the dining rooms is a dining table and chairs, various glazed cabinets: cupboards, display cases, sideboards, slides, etc., designed to store not only services, but also cutlery and linen (tablecloths, napkins). In addition, glazed cabinets in the dining room are also used to show the well-being of the owners of the house, as in them behind the glass it is customary to arrange the best sets and sets, decorative plates with paintings, vases, porcelain figurines, etc. You can find a great furniture for your home at

The most important detail of the dining room – the dining table – can be of any shape: from classic rectangular to oval or irregular. The choice of the shape of the table depends on your taste and preferences. The main thing is that if you often receive guests, the size of the dining table is such that all guests can fit behind it.

Chairs used in the dining room must be with a solid seat and a flat back. These are basic requirements, but the rest is style, material, etc. – chairs can be very different. If the dining room is made in the classical style with a large wooden table and wooden carved furniture, then not chairs, but high chairs with armrests will be appropriate in it. Before purchasing a dining headset, you will also need to consider how many chairs you may need.

Modern apartments are characterized by an open plan, in which the kitchen-dining room is combined with the living room. In this case, the dining area can be separated from the living room by shelving, partitions, or use a different finish and color of the walls in these areas. The dining area can be separated from the kitchen, for example, by a bar. Well, if you want to achieve a complete distinction between these zones, then equip separate lighting in the dining room area. And when you dine, the light in the dining area will set off the kitchen area, visually hiding it.

But often the dining area in our apartments is furnished directly in the kitchen. In that case, if the layout of your kitchen is standard, then the table and chairs will be conveniently located in the center of the kitchen with an “island” or a “peninsula” against the wall. If the layout of the kitchen is linear, then the dining table is best placed in the corner opposite to the one in which the cabinet furniture is located. Instead of chairs, in order to save space, it is better to use corners, which also have a solid seat and a straight back.

In the event that the size of your kitchen does not even allow you to design a “built-in” dining area in the kitchen, then you can use transforming tables with folding chairs for them. After use, they can simply be folded and hidden in a niche. If we talk about the design of the dining room, then often, if the dining room is a separate room, it is decorated in a classic style, baroque style with many wooden carved details, decor and various decorations. In the same case, if the dining area is allocated from the space of the kitchen or living room, then its style usually corresponds to the style of the room in which it is located.