Machines for the production of gutters

Our specialists are experienced in selecting and supplying machines for the production of guttering systems. When choosing machines and production technologies, on, you will receive advice, taking into account their specificity, as well as taking into account trends in the gutter systems market development. Sales managers are ready to offer you modern equipment of various capacities and costs to perform the following operations in the production of gutters. Below you can see the main stages of the production of gutters and pipes, as well as the options for their equipment.

The main technological stages of the production of gutters:

  • Cutting of metal;
  • Making the lock;
  • Bending pipe;
  • Settlement lock on the gutter pipe;
  • Making the gutters’ elbows;
  • Bending gutters;
  • Manufacture of elements of fasteners.
  1. Metal cutting. Manual guillotines are used for cutting metal in the production of gutters. The working length of guillotines is determined depending on the maximum length which is supposed to produce straight elements during the production of gutters (gutters, pipes).
  2. Fabrication of the lock. For the manufacture of locks on the pipe in the manufacture of gutters by hand used folding machines. Currently available folding different proyhoditeley. The maximum working length may also vary depending on the option selected.
  3. Pipe bending. Bending of the billet with a manufactured lock into the pipe is carried out using hand rollers. The length of the manufactured pipe is limited by the working length of the folding machine, i.e. the rollers can also have a maximum length. However, if you purchase manual rollers with a working length that is longer, it is possible to produce gutters longer, which greatly speeds up the process of production and installation of gutters. It all depends on the available budget for the purchase of machines for the production of gutters.
  4. Settlement lock on the pipe. The rebate on the pipe in the production of gutters is made with the help of folding machines. You can find a wide range of manual folding machines from different manufacturers.
  5. Manufacturing elbows. For the manufacture of drainage elbows, as well as for the manufacture of gutter stubs are zig-machines (folding machines). They are used for bending edges, making locks for connecting pipes, cutting pipes and gutters, as well as corrugation gutter pipes for their connection.
  6. Gutter bending. Bending of gutters is made with the help of hand rollers.
  7. Manufacture of elements of fasteners. Making the elements of fasteners during the manufacture of gutters is most convenient to produce with the help of bracket-benders. You can find machines of different manufacturers on the site Like all hand tools, brackets are easy to use and made of high quality steel, which ensures their long service life.

Also during the installation and production of gutters may need hand tools for cutting metal, punching holes, connecting and corrugating metal. Hand pincers for corrugating the ends of the gutters when connecting the gutters are convenient to use directly at the place of installation of the gutter.

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