Marbella, Mallorca and other heavenly places in Spain

To live in the rhythm of a big city, to see valuable works of art right on the street, to have fun at festivals, to breathe clean air, to swim on the Blue Flag beaches, to relax with your soul every day and do business at the same time – this is possible? Absolutely, if you’re in Marbella or Mallorca. Marbella is a resort and, at the same time, one of the business capitals of Spain. Here merge into a single, stormy stream of seemingly incompatible things – rich culture, entertainment and business. Millionaires, show business stars and business people live and rest in this city, who, with unlimited opportunities, have chosen this beautiful place. What brings Spaniards from all over the country and its guests who have chosen Marbella as their new home?

The best climate on the Costa del Sol

Of course, Marbella attracts not only the beauty of nature, architecture and famous names. The city would not be so popular if it were not for the unique microclimate provided by the picturesque Sierra Blanca mountain range. Protecting it from northern winds, the mountains provide the conditions for mild winters, and the proximity of the Atlantic gives comfort in summer when there is no suffocating heat. 320 sunny days a year, the average temperature in winter is +15 C°, the combination of mountain and sea air, an abundance of eucalyptus and cypress forests – it is simply impossible not to appreciate the generosity of nature for health conditions. The climate of Marbella is often called the best in the country by guests and Spaniards themselves. Adding to this the abundance of vegetation – palms, fir, olive and orange trees, magnolias and orchids, it is hard to imagine how charming the city is in its fragrance – it can be fully felt only here.

The beaches of Marbella and its surroundings have received the highest award, the Blue Flag, which is only indicated by the cleanest beaches in the world. Many of the 24 beaches along the 27-kilometre-long coastline have been awarded this honorary distinction. Carefree and business – so different life in Marbella. Every year in the holiday season – from May to October, thousands of tourists rest in Marbella. Beach entertainment during this period is multifaceted and unlimited in quality and quantity. Visitors to the city enjoy the abundance of sun, beaches, restaurants, boutiques and events. The same is true of Mallorca.

So what happens at the rest of the time? Life goes on! A lot of festive events (the city is famous as one of the most “festival” in Spain), a developed business environment and infrastructure with opportunities for any lifestyle – all this attracts in Marbella those who appreciate such an amazing chance – to combine constant movement with a pleasant relaxing sea coast. Spain’s cordial policy towards investors who have chosen this country, increases the number of buying property in Marbella – villas and houses, apartments, apartments, penthouses, townhouses. This purchase allows you to enjoy life in this stunning city to all who can and want to afford it.

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