List of Game Terms in Casino

Gaming terms in online casinos are somewhat different from those found in ordinary places. But knowing them, you can understand what the users are saying, sitting at the same table with you, what exactly is explained in the instructions and in general to be a real dock in the world of gambling. Below we have collected basic terms about casinos that may be useful if you like free online casino games to play now.

Ante – a mandatory bet, collected in various games. In poker against the dealer, it is taken at the beginning of each round, in tournament poker it is collected only after a certain point and its size is constantly growing.

Bankroll – money available to the user for the upcoming game. In fact, this term can be understood as the entire account of the player. In some entertainment, for example, poker, under the bankroll is understood the amount that the user took with him to the table for the upcoming game.

Bankroll management is a strategy that is designed to manage existing funds. Its main task is to protect the user from reducing the available finance below a certain limit or achieving a complete zero during the game. In some types of entertainment, such as poker, bankroll management is used to determine when it is necessary to move higher or lower supply.

Bonus – a set of gifts from the institution to the players. It can be charged either simply for registration, or for certain actions, such as making a deposit, the turnover of a given amount in the account, participation in surveys or something else.

Conclusion – the process of withdrawing funds from the user’s account, also called a cash out. In this case, the money is transferred to the payment system supported by the Pin Up casino. Unlike depositing funds, this process can take several business days, depending on where they are going.

Deposit – the amount of funds that the player makes to your account using payment instruments supported by the institution. This term is also used to describe the money transfer process itself.

Jackpot – in a general sense, is a big win. Depending on the game, it may simply be a larger amount of money than usual, or a whole prize pool formed progressively or having a fixed amount. The jackpot can be played randomly among all participants or when collecting a certain combination of characters.

Cashier or cashier – in this online casino, this term means a special page in the lobby through which all cash transactions are conducted. Here you can usually enter and withdraw funds, set up payment tools, see available bonuses and loyalty points.

Call is an action that is relevant to many card games, where the user calls the bet and thereby participates in further bidding or playing. In Karbisk poker, the call is responsible for leveling the ante, the obligatory first bet. Betting limits or limits – the limits are set on each table and gaming machine, representing a fork in which the user can change the amount spent for each round or spin of the spin. Depending on the tables and places, usually the most chips can be spent on VIP-tables.

Multiplayer – description of a multiplayer game. In this case, there are several players behind one virtual table. They can interact with each other through chat and various interactive activities, if available at the establishment.

Return – a term defining the amount of funds received by users from the total amount of bets made. That is, a return of 97% means that players will receive back $ 970 from $ 1,000 spent.

Pass – user action, most often in poker, leading to abandoning the game in the current round. It is usually used with a low expectation of winning, when the cards are too weak and do not form a suitable combination.