Casting of jewelry

Today this method remains one of the most common treatments of precious metals. Its convenience and wide range of possibilities (many of which are still insufficiently explored) attract manufacturers seeking to expand their product range and make their prices more affordable.

Features and advantages of the casting method

Jewelry casting consists of several sequential steps, each of which is important for producing good quality pieces. A designer’s idea must be drawn up as a sketch on paper before it can be realized. Sketches should be presented from several angles, after which it will be possible to assess whether it is possible to fulfill the idea of the jewelry artist. For the most complex forms, it is advisable to cast several component parts, which will then be stitched together.

  1. Creation of a master model (either by hand or with specialized equipment). At the «dawn» of jewelry making, they were made of stone and clay, while today they use silver models (this metal does not change its properties and is inert to the rubber molds).
  2. Making a mold from hot vulcanized rubber. Thanks to the mold, it is possible to establish mass production of jewelry.
  3. Creation of a wax model. The space in the mold, previously occupied by the master model, is filled with wax under pressure.
  4. The wax models are combined into a block. In appearance, the block ready for the next process resembles a herringbone, since the models are attached to the general wax riser at an angle.
  5. Production of casting molds. The wax block is poured with a refractory molding compound and sent to the furnace for calcination.
  6. Pouring of the molds freed from the modeling compound with gold alloy.
  7. Finishing steps. The product block is washed and disassembled, then subjected to bleaching and drying. Only after that is each casting carefully separated from the block with wire cutters.
  8. Stripping, sanding and polishing the pieces.

Using the casting method, you can create incredible beauty and unusual vancouver engagement rings. Each element of jewelry will be made with the highest precision, even the smallest piece can be distinguished by a complex intricate form and the surface of the product — have a completely unusual relief.

As you can see, the technology of casting, despite its antiquity, is actively developing, supplemented by new processes and constantly modernized. New equipment is being introduced in the production. All this is aimed at improving the quality of jewelry and increasing customer satisfaction.